Once you have created a cartoon, you'll need to use VisualNEO Win's PlayCartoonFile Action to add the animation to your publications. PlayCartoonFile can be triggered by page change or an object event, such as clicking a Push Button . See Understanding Actions and Variables for instructions on adding Actions to pages and objects.

Once you have decided where your animation will appear, display the Action Editor for the object or page you will use to activate the cartoon. Use the editor's Insert Action button and select PlayCartoonFile from the list. A Windows file selector will appear allowing you to locate and select a cartoon file (*.CAR).

After you’ve selected a cartoon file, the PlayCartoonFile Properties screen will appear. Here you will specify where on the page the cartoon will be displayed, how fast the animation plays, and how long the animation will play.

Unlike static animations, you can specify a trajectory that the cartoon will travel across the screen. You can define a trajectory by manually entering starting and ending coordinates into the properties screen. However, most authors find it easier to click the preview button and interactively position the start and end points for the trajectory.

Note: If you want to have the cartoon image remain stationary, enter identical starting and ending coordinates.

Use the Speed control to determine how fast the animation travels between the end points. The Repeat Animation Sequence field also influences the animation's speed by controlling how many times each frame will be displayed as the cartoon travels between the start and end points.

Under Options indicate whether Actions continues executing ("Normal" mode) once animation begins, if the animation will run continuously between the start point and the end point using "Loop" mode, or if the animation must complete ("Wait" mode) before the next action is executed.

Use the StopMedia Action to halt an animation in progress.