The best way to learn VisualNEO Win is to try it yourself. The tutorials in this section will guide you through the creation of several types of VisualNEO Win publications. These tutorials just scratch the surface of what can be done with VisualNEO Win, but they should provide you with the basic knowledge needed to begin creating publications of your own.

If you haven’t already, please read the topicVisualNEO Win  Basics. These sections will provide you with some helpful background information about electronic publishing and VisualNEO Win’s interface.

Tutorial 1: Creating a Basic Publication

Tutorial 2: Creating Hypertext Links

Tutorial 3: A Computer Based Training Example

Tutorial 4: Creating a Resizable Publication

Tutorial 5: Creating an E-Book

Note: Names of people and companies used in these examples, with the exception of Historical figures, are fictitious. Any resemblance to existing companies or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental.