Selected objects can be copied or moved between pages within the same publication or even between two different publications.

One method for moving objects from one page to another is to drag the objects to one of the page tabs at the bottom of VisualNEO Win’s screen. Release the mouse button and the objects will appear on the page corresponding to the selected tab. Holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard during the move will duplicate the objects, leaving a copy on the original page.

Another method for copying and moving objects is to use the Windows Clipboard. Select the objects you wish to copy or move and choose Copy or Cut from VisualNEO Win’s Edit menu. Then switch to the page you want the objects to be placed and select Paste from the Edit menu.

Objects can be moved to another publication using the same techniques. Use VisualNEO Win’s Open command to load both the source and target publications. If necessary, use the Windows menu’s Tile command to position the open publications so both are visible. Then, cut and paste or drag objects from one publication window to the other.

Because object names must be unique, VisualNEO Win may rename objects during paste or copy operations if there is a conflict with an existing object.