The File Menu


Use this function to create a new cartoon file. Enter a width and height (in pixels) to use for each of the cartoon's frames or choose the Get Width and Height from First Frame option to let NeoToon determine the size based on the first image you import.


This command allows you to load an existing cartoon file (CAR) for editing.


This command displays a list of recently opened cartoons. To load one of these cartoons, click on its title.


Choose this command to save changes made to your cartoon. (Closing NeoToon while a modified cartoon is open will automatically prompt you to save your work.) If you choose not to Save your work, it will be lost once NeoToon is closed.

If this is a new cartoon that has not previously been saved, you will be prompted to specify a file name.

Save As

Use this command to save an existing cartoon using a different file name. If you select a file name which already exists, NeoToon will ask for confirmation before replacing the existing file.

Note: Cartoon file names should end with the file extension ".CAR".


This command closes NeoToon.

The Frame Menu


This command allows you to add a new frame image to the cartoon. A standard Windows file selector will appear allowing you to locate and select an image file to import. NeoToon supports BMP, PCX, GIF, TIF, PNG and JPEG format image file. The image will be added to the end of the animation. To relocate the image, click on the frame, and drag it to a new position.


This command works just like the Add command above, but instead of inserting the image at the end of the cartoon, the image will be inserted before the currently selected frame.


Use this command to create a copy of the currently selected frame. The copy will be insert immediately following the selected frame. To relocate the copy, click on the frame, and drag it to a new position. Since many animations have frames which repeat at some point, using this command will save time over using Add to repeatedly import the same image from your disk.


This command removes the currently selected frame from the cartoon.


Use this command to export the currently selected frame as a Windows Bitmap file (BMP). This is handy if you've lost one of the original images used to create a cartoon.

The Cartoon Menu


Use this function to enlarge or shrink all of the frame images within the cartoon.

Note: Stretching frames can sometimes distort images and reduce the quality of the cartoon.


Use this command to preview the cartoon as it will appear when played.

VCR style buttons across the top of the preview screen allow you to control the playback of the cartoon. To the right of the VCR controls is a counter which displays the number of the current frame, and the total number of frames in the animation. The playback speed can be adjusted using the track bar control at the bottom of the preview screen. Drag the track bar button to left to reduce the speed or to the right to increase the speed.

When you have finished viewing the preview, click the OK button to return to NeoToon's editing screen.

The Options Menu

Screen Color

You can use this command to change the background color used in NeoToon's Work Space and the Preview screen. The background color will show through transparent portions in the cartoon's frames. This color merely serves as the background for viewing frames in NeoToon and will not be saved as part of the cartoon file.

The Help Menu

NeoToon Help

This command displays NeoToon's help file.


Displays information about your version of NeoToon and contact information for SinLios Soluciones Digitales.