NeoToon's screen consists of a work space, a menu bar and a speed bar. The parts of the screen are described below:

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is a standard Windows component which appears at the top of most applications. NeoToon’s Menu Bar includes commands for opening, saving and modifying cartoons. The commands found in the menu are described in the next section .

Speed Bar

The Speed Bar contains buttons that provide single click access to several often used NeoToon commands. At the right side of the speed bar is a counter which displays the position of the currently selected (highlighted) frame, and the total number of frames in the animation.

Work Space

The Work Space occupies the largest portion of NeoToon’s screen. This is the area where you will create and edit your cartoons. You may click on an frame to select it. Use your mouse drag frames to change their position within the animation sequence. Below the work space is a scroll bar which can be used view additional frames when the cartoon is too large to fit in the space available.