The Text Editor can be opened using any of the following methods:

  • Select the Create/Edit > New Text File command from VisualNEO Win’s Edit menu.

  • Select either the Article or Linked-Article Tool from VisualNEO Win’s Tool Palette. Use the mouse to draw a rectangle where you would like the Article object to appear. You will be prompted to select an existing file, create a new document, or convert a document created with another program. Choosing to create a new document will open the Text Editor.

  • Right click on an existing Article or Linked-Article object to display its Properties screen. Clicking the button to the right of the Text File field will open the Text Editor and display the file associated with the Article.

  • Use the Tool Palette’s Selection Tool to select an existing Article object. The file associated with the Article should then appear in the Edit Menu’s Create/Edit command. Click the file name to open the file in the Text Editor.

If the above methods don’t display the Text Editor, select Set Preferences from VisualNEO Win’s Options menu. Click the Tools icon on the left side of the Preferences screen. Under Text Editor, make sure the Use VisualNEO Win’s Built-in Editor option is selected.