Most of the tools you will need to create and edit publications can be found in VisualNEO Win’s Tool and Style Palettes. This Section will explain how these tools are used to build publications. For more information about a specific tool, click the picture below:

Tool Buttons

In VisualNEO Win, every element you add to your publication (text, pictures, buttons, etc.) is considered an object. Objects are created using the Object Tool Buttons above. Each button represents a different type of VisualNEO Win object. Each object has distinct capabilities and features. To create a new object, select a tool button (other than the Selection Tool) and use the mouse to draw a rectangle on your publication. For most types of objects, a properties screen will appear requesting additional information. For example, when creating objects with the Picture or Article Tools, VisualNEO Win will ask you to supply the name of an image or text file.