VisualNEO Win has great versatility and can be used to create offline applications that complement online content. Dynamic publications can be easily programmed to send email messages or linked to related web sites. One way of accomplishing this is through the use of Hypertext. A Hypertext document contains underlined words, or links, that can be clicked to jump to another page or display related information. VisualNEO Win provides some simple tools that allow you to incorporate Hypertext links into your publications. This tutorial will explain some of these concepts.

1. Launch VisualNEO Win and create a new publication by selecting New from VisualNEO Win’s File menu.

2. Select the Article Tool from the Tool Palette.

3. Move the mouse pointer to the upper left portion of the page. Press and hold down the left mouse button and draw a rectangle about half the size of the page. Once the rectangle is the correct size, release the mouse button. Don’t worry if your rectangle isn’t perfect, you can move or resize the Article object later.

The New Article screen will appear.

4. Select the Create a new document using the text editor option.

5. Click OK.

VisualNEO Win’s Text Editor will appear.

To enter text into the editor, do one of the following:

6A. Use your keyboard to type directly into the Text Editor.

6B. Use another application to Cut or Copy text to the Windows Clipboard. Then select Paste from the Text Editor’s Edit menu.

7. Once your text has been inserted into the Text Editor, highlight a word or phrase that you would like use as a Hyperlink.

8. Select Add Link from the Text Editor’s Hypertext menu (or click the Create Hyperlink button from the Speed Bar).

The Hyperlink Editor will appear.

9. Click the Insert Action button.

The Insert Action screen is divided into categories, indicated by the icon images on the left. Clicking an icon will display a list of Actions belonging to that category.

10. Select the Internet category. (You may need to scroll through the list of Action categories.)

11. If the Hyperlink is intended to launch the computer’s default Browser and display a web site, select the InternetLink Action. If the Hyperlink is intended to send an email message, select the SendMail Action.

12A. If you selected InternetLink, the InternetLink Properties screen will appear.

12B. Type the address/URL of the web site you want to visit in the field provided.

12C. Click OK.

13A. If you selected SendMail, the SendMail Properties screen will appear.

13B. Fill in the To, From, Subject and Message fields just as you would when sending a normal email.

13C. Click OK.

VisualNEO Win will automatically add which ever Action you select to the Hyperlink Editor.

14. Click the Hyperlink Editor’s OK button.

The Hyperlink will be created and the highlighted text will appear underlined. If you need to edit or remove a Hyperlink, place the text cursor on top of the underlined text and choose Edit Link or Remove Link from the Hypertext menu.

To add additional Hyperlinks, repeat Steps 7 through 14.

15. When you’ve finished editing your document, click the Text Editor’s OK button.

Since this is a new document, the Save As screen will appear.

16. You may save the document using a file name of your choice. However, you should always use the “.RTF” extension when saving files created with the Text Editor. That way there will be no confusion about what type of file it is.

The document will be displayed in the Article object you created way back in steps 2 and 3. If needed, use your mouse to adjust the position and shape of the Article object.

17. You can test your hyperlinks by selecting the Run command from the App menu.