NeoToon is a simple utility included with VisualNEO Win that allows you to create your own animated cartoons. A cartoon is a series of images displayed sequentially to produce the illusion of animation - similar to a classic cartoon flip book. Viewers of the cartoon will perceive subtle changes in the sequence of images as movement. Cartoon files are generally small in size, which is an advantage when creating publications that will be downloaded or stored on diskette. Cartoons may also be moved across the VisualNEO Win screen along a path which you specify.

NeoToon's Screen

NeoToon's Menu

Incorporating Cartoons into Publications

Cartoons are assembled by importing a series of images created with a paint program, screen capture utility, etc. Many animation and video editing programs also allow you to export animations as a series of images, which you may then import into NeoToon. NeoToon itself is not an image editor, so you'll need to use a separate paint or image editing application to create images for your cartoons.

Note: PixelNEO® from the makers of VisualNEO Win can be used for creating cartoon images.

Once imported into NeoToon, images (or frames) may dragged using the mouse to change their position within the animation sequence. Use NeoToon’s Play option to preview your cartoon. When you are satisfied with the animation, save the cartoon and return to VisualNEO Win to add it into your publication.

Note: NeoToon will use the color of the pixel in first frame’s lower left corner as the cartoon's transparent color. The screen background will show through any pixels in the cartoon's frames that match this color. Be sure and keep this in mind when creating images for a cartoon.