In VisualNEO Win, every element you add to your publication (text, pictures, buttons, etc.) is considered an object. An object is created using the tools found on VisualNEO Win’s Tool Palette. Once created, objects can be selected, moved, resized, edited and deleted.

Use the Tool Palette’s Selection Tool to select, move and resize an object. Click on an object using the left mouse button to select it. Select multiple objects by holding down the Shift key while clicking on additional objects, or by clicking and dragging the mouse to surround the desired objects in a rectangle. Selected objects will be surrounded with small, box-like handles.

Once selected, an object or group may be moved by clicking on the object with the left mouse button, then dragging the object or group to a new location before releasing the mouse button. To resize an object, simply click and drag one of the object’s selection handles. Holding down the Shift key while resizing an object retains the object’s relative shape. Selected objects also can be cut or copied to the Windows Clipboard, or they can be removed from the publication by pressing the Delete key.

Depending on the object selected, clicking it with the right mouse button will allow you to modify the object’s appearance and define how the object behaves when viewed by the reader of your publication. Most types of objects can also be assigned Actions to execute when clicked on by the reader.

Specific information about the different kinds of objects available in VisualNEO Win can be found here.