VisualNEO Win applications are composed of pages very much like a printed book. A publication may consist of a single page or up to several hundred pages. VisualNEO Win imposes no specific limit on the maximum number of pages a publication may contain, but most authors find it difficult to keep track of more than 200 or 300 pages. The actual limit depends on available memory, system resources, etc.

Each page in a publication is assigned a unique title. You can change the title assigned to a page if you like, but no two pages in a publication can have the same exact title. Page titles will appear in Page Tabs at the bottom of the VisualNEO Win screen. You can move between pages by clicking the tab of the desired page. You can also move between pages using the Page Navigation buttons, or by pressing the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard.

Each publication also contains a special page called the Master Page. The Master Page typically contains elements that are common to most (or all) pages in a publication. Common elements may include navigational buttons, titles, page numbers, etc. You can add, modify and delete objects on the Master Page just as you would on any other page. The difference is, objects placed on the Master Page will also appear in the background of other pages.

Note: You cannot delete or rename the Master Page.

The Page menu contains commands for adding, moving, copying and renaming pages. You can also move a page by dragging its Page Tab to a new location along the bottom of the VisualNEO Win screen.